Ryu is a freelance photographer based in Berlin, Germany.

He lives with his wonderfully French wife as well as his tremendously cute daughter and sometimes even cuter cats.
Oh and let’s not forget about the goldfish.

His career as a sports photographer started in 2005 when he was asked to shoot the Confederations Cup in Germany. Having had no prior experience shooting sports, he managed to do okay after that.

He now works for Nike, Adidas, Sports Graphic NumberFootballistaShukan PostSapioNikkei Medical, Figure Skate DaysToyo KeizaiHowlerClayPickles MagazineRabona Magazine, BungeishunjuWeekly Playboy and countless happy couples. 

He also runs a sports photography podcast / website with Matt Cohen called Big Lens Fast Shutter.

For some reason, he's going third person here.